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PostPosted: Thu Sep 20, 2018 1:18 pm    Post subject: Raaste Kaa Patthar Full Movie In Hindi Free Download Hd 1080

Raaste Kaa Patthar Full Movie In Hindi Free Download Hd 1080p

Bombay-based bachelor Jai Shankar Rai lets his superiors, as well as his boss, Ranjeet Choudhary, use his flat at night so that they can have their flings with women. He meets and fall in love with lovely but homeless Neeta Sinha, and even gets her a job at his firm. Hoping to propose to her after his promotion, he instead gets a shock when he finds out that she is soon to be his boss' wife.
The year was 1972, Amitabh was not yet a star, he was struggling as an actor alongwith Shatrughan Sinha. They both unite in this film The film is similar to THE APARTMENT(1960), in Life in a Metro(2007) Sharman's story was quite similar to this film. The film is quite different fro it's times, here we are shown day to day life, how people have to obey their bosses and support their not so good intentions just for their better career prospects. The film has Shatru play a honest poet while Amitabh plays a guy who gives in to his manager's demands, they use his house to have sex. Quite unique thought in 1970s The film is well handled, with moments of comedy and emotion You relate to the characters, perhaps that time when characters had to be heroic people didn't hence it flopped. The film also drags at times yet it does have several good scenes

Direction is good Music is okay Mukesh and Rafi sing for Bachchan here

Amitabh Bachchan was growing as an actor, though he had rough edges he does a superb job in the role, showing good comic timing, his emotional scenes too are good his screen presence was a bit weak those days though Shatrughan Sinha has a short role and is good Laxmi Chaya is okay Satyen Kapoo, Prem Chopra and all are good in their roles rest are okay
I am Proud fan of Big B, but somehow this title never inspired me to see the movie up to 4th feb 2018, Yes the title say it right YES BOSS milestone movie of SRK is a remake of this classic that took me by surprise.


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